We have a download available for evaluation and suggestions.

We have been using a crude version i developed for over 10 years. Only recently was i asked from friends to make it more user friendly.

With calving nearby and planting season around the corner i dont have alot of time for programming but I welcome any tips or suggestions or bug fixes.

Please contact me with any suggestions and i will integrate them as i can.

This already has a license built in but if your license expires please contact me to extend your license.

No installation is required. Simply Download the self extracting file (shopdr.exe)
Double click and launch the winzip extractor.
Extract to your hard drive or desktop.
The ShopDR folder contains a launch file (1ShopDr.usr)
Double click to launch the ShopDr program.

Login with user: Shopdr1 and No Password
Then click away and play with it. We left some of our machinery in there as examples of the Application.
Be sure to backup the entire folder often using best practices.
Check this website often for updates and instructions / tips and tricks~!

Fill out the form below and a link will be sent to you to download.