2018 NEW LICENSE NUMBER:  187511-112481-020219

We do recommend downloading the latest version 2.6


ShopDR is pretty self explanitory but we recommend you read the About ShopDr below to better underdstand the functions of many of the tabs. We welcome your suggestions and improvements but bare with us as we integrate your suggestions.

Export / Import
Export button allows a user to export all data (PC: Desktop) and import your data from a previous version of shop dr into the latest version using the import button. Shop Dr is designed to be used on mac/pc platforms but some functionality in macs is limited. Contact us if you are having problems upgrading. Typically we ask you to simply email the ShopDr.usr file to us directly and we can help you with the upgrade.

Backup: As always we recommend you use standard backup practices to backup the entire ShopDR folder. We recommend SecondCopy for an easy to use automated backup but there are many out there.

Finished / Unfinished
The Finished and Unfinished buttons allow you to label repairs as such so that when you run out of time or find more problems when fixing the original problem (that never happens) you can simply do a search for each piece of equipment and list all those repairs that have not been completed or see the progress you have made and verify that repairs were completed.


To enter your license number please open shopdr and hit the Question Mark "?" HELP button (upper right menu).  That will open the help section and give you access to the Enter License button.