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About ShopDr :
Log all Repairs/Serial Numbers/ Oil Changes/Important Contacts/Parts Inventory/Schematics and Manuals/Websites/Tips n Tricks/Barcodes/Unfinished Repairs.

Log all equipment , vehicles, electronic equipment’s serial numbers/Vin/Registrations along with all the important contacts/websites for getting parts, specialized help.

Track all your oil changes and what you serviced along with inventory of oil and air filters / spare parts.

Associate all your manuals / schematics / websites / forums related to each piece of equipment for quick references.


Everyone has that go to guy for answers to all the hard questions, list the contact info and any diagrams / web links / pictures of assembly.

List all the tips and tricks for that specialized repair / setup / callibrations.

Log all the things UNFINISHED that you find but don’t have the parts / time / know how to complete at this time and easily view them to fix at a later date.

ShopDr. Evolved from a need to track repairs on equipment. With the inability to return electronic parts when one is doing troubleshooting, the last thing a person can afford to do is buy something like an ignition module, only to realize you just replaced it last year and then not being able to return it.

By having the serial number handy and the service/parts department contact and the service manual exploded view all in one screen you can quickly get the parts and info you need.

Link cell phone pics or special tips or tricks used in the last repair to easily replicate the next time.
Using an inexpensive barcode reader you can easily track your parts inventory / supplier / mfr so each oil change or repair has what you need on hand.